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The Roberts Heritage Foundation
was incorporated in May 22, 1996 thru the Society Act of Canada in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It's mandate is to facilitate the research of the works of John Hugh Roberts and Tomhu Huron Roberts and the presention of educational material for heritage conservation this may include transcriptions of dairies, journals, manuscripts, and technical lesson books and restoring paintings. Public education on the history of early Canadian artists and writers and their contribution to culture is also part of the mandate.Dale and Della are Executive Directors of the Foundation and Dout Atkins, Joanne Randall Williams, Edna Reti and Mary Lynn Ogilvie are Directors.


John Hugh Roberts
in Vancouver from 1884-1917. Lived in Wales when growing up and as a young man and then lived in Toronto (worked as a tailor) then Vancouver. We have diary records from 1855 -1912. Lived until 89 years old.

John Hugh kept detailed dairies for sixty years & was a prolific writer/recorder of ancient wisdom. One book of Druicical Quest done by Dale in understanding the writing,four Illuminated books of 4 manuscripts, and the Stone Book of Knowledge have been published. Presently the "Druidical Manuscripts and 60 years of Diaries are Unpublished, and Tomhu sketchbooks are also unpublished. He was married for sixty years to his wife Anne and they had two daughters and one son - Mississippi, Sarah and Tomhu.

Tomhu Huron Roberts-1859-1938
Trained to be an artist at Odell and Trout Collegel in Toronto in 1875. First& only artist to register
himself as an artist in the Henderson Directory Vancouver from 1889-1910.
Born in Collingwood, Canada, November 26,1859


Tomhu made numberous very detailed sketchbooks in pencil, ink and watercolor. He also painted in oil. He sometimes taught student's art so has various sketchbooks with notes on how to paint. They are presently Unpublished.


Charles Steele
Grandson of JohnHugh & Anne Roberts. Nephew of Tomhu Huron Roberts. Born August 6th, 1886
First boy's birth born in Vancouver after incorporation. (no registry office available so was done in New Westminister)

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